Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daily Outfit Post: Printed Pants

This past Friday, was a celebration since finals week was complete.  I had to work all day but that did not stop me from dressing on the wild side.

Printed pants are definitely a way to spice up a Friday at work.  I have always had a fear of wearing printed pants since I have a larger tush/thighs area.  After trying on these pants at Loft, I fell in love with them.  A girl at work actually told me that they made my legs look slimmer so that definitely calmed my fears!

Most people would pair these crazy pants with a neutral colored top but not me.  I wanted this outfit to stand out and let people take notice!  I think I might have pushed it a little with this necklace but I had to wear it, it's too pretty to not wear.

Are there any trends that you are afraid to try?  If so, let me know!

Lindsey B

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