Thursday, May 17, 2012

stripes & pearls

Hey ladies!

Since yesterday was my only day off, I decided to lay around my house in my pjs all day! Towards the end of my lazy afternoon, I had to get ready and go look around town for new houses with my new roommate!  We found a couple of good houses during our adventure around town and then we ended the night with Red Elephant, which is an awesome restaurant in Tallahassee.  They have the best Bar-b-Que Chicken Pizza!

This is my outfit that I wore while we were trying to decide on new houses!  I thought about being lazy & just wearing this tank top with a pair of jeans but I talked myself out of it.  I threw on these olive green pants from Gap and my all time favorite jean jacket.  I figured this was a tad bit dresser than my plain 'ol jeans. 

My Outfit:
Jean Jacket: Gap Outlet
Tank Top: Gap Outlet
Broken In Straights: Gap
Shoes: Payless Shoes

When you are feeling like having a lazy day, what makes you get out of that mood?

Lindsey B. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

color blocking with blues

Happy Tuesday ladies!

I am little late posting my outfit from yesterday because I have been shamelessly watching The Vow while crying my eyes out and trying to drink my afternoon coffee.    
While watching this movie, my ears fell in love with this song.  It's called Nothing Was Stolen by Phosphorescent.  Give this tune a listen!

Anyways enough about romantic movies, here is the outfit I wore yesterday!  Since the weekend was extremely busy, I wanted something very calm & casual for my Monday afternoon.  I wanted to wear my new Gap cardigan that I found at the outlet so instead of pairing it with my coral colored pants or white crop pants, I went with my light blue pants.  

Color blocking is the main focus of this outfit and I love the two blue hues together.  I am also glad that I paired a white t-shirt to keep the two colors separate and to keep my outfit very casual.  

If you wanted to add a pop of color, I would suggest putting a red or coral color shirt underneath.  You could also add a striped shirt underneath the cardigan to add a little bit of pattern to your outfit!   

Here is my arm candy for the day :)

My Outfit:
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
T-Shirt: Loft
Necklace: Forever 21
Broken in Straight: Gap
Shoes: Payless Shoes

If you have tried color-blocking in your outfit, how did it go for you?  Did you like it? If so, share!

Lindsey B.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweater + Dress = Bliss

My Sunday outfit for Mother's Day was some what thrown together.  Since I was home for the entire weekend, I visited the Gap Outlet in Lake Park, Georgia.  There I found this sweater for $13.99, which I had to purchase!  

Since it is basically summer down here in North Florida, I paired it on top of a white strapless dress.  Then I belted it with a rustic, antique looking belt, that I found in my mom's closet.  To complete the outfit I just threw on my tan wedge heels and viola, a complete outfit for church!

My outfit:
Sweater: Gap Outlet
Dress: Plato's Closet
Belt: Borrowed from my Momma
Shoes: Target

Here is a close up of my sweater & belt.

A few snapshots from Sundays photo shoot with my lovely momma & sister

Doesn't she look young enough to be my sister?! 

Lindsey B. 

Casual Saturday Attire

Hey ladies!! 

One more post from this weekend! It is a short one, I promise.  But I wanted to show off my little sister & her prom date!

Since I was helping out with my sister getting ready for prom, I threw on something comfy & casual.  I think those two words could be used to describe everything I wear.  However, I dressed up the outfit a tad by adding this chunky neutral necklace.  

My Outfit:
Chambray Shirt: Gap
Tshirt: Target $8, It was definitely a steal!
Cropped Pants: Loft
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace/Bracelet: Borrowed from my Momma
Sunglasses: Loft

This is my little sister & her prom date, don't they look fabulous!   

Even though we are sisters, we are totally different in the way we style ourselves.  But that is the good thing about fashion, everyone has a different view on it!

If you have a little or older sister, are your fashion styles the same or different?

Lindsey B. 

Lace & Denim

Happy Monday ladies!

I woke up this morning, with a thunderstorm looming outside my window.  Since today is not pretty, I decided to post my outfit from Friday night.  My sister, roommate, & myself went to Brown Lantern, in Live Oak, and enjoyed a nice dinner together.  This restaurant has the best popcorn shrimp, fried mushrooms, potato skins, & well ... everything they serve is delicious! So if you are ever passing the Live Oak, Florida exit on 1-10,  you should definitely make a pit stop and eat there!

Okay, enough about food.  Let's talk about my outfit.      

Wearing denim on denim, sometimes can be difficult.  Since my shorts are a dark wash denim, I threw on my denim jacket and the contrasting washes complemented each other.  The other reason I wanted to wear my denim jacket was to make my outfit more casual for the evening dinner date.  

I wanted a close up of my off-white lace shirt.  I found this shirt at Banana Republic during the Christmas holidays for extremely cheap.  It has slowly but surely become one of my favorite pieces of clothing in my closet.  The necklace is from Target.  I found it in my Momma's collection of beautiful necklaces so I had to wear it for the night.

My Outfit:
Jean Jacket: Gap Outlet
Lace Shirt: Banana Republic
Shorts: Loft
Necklace: Borrowed from my Momma
Shoes: Payless Shoes

Hope your Monday is better than my rainy Monday in Tallahassee!!

Lindsey B.