Friday, May 4, 2012

Blazers in the Summertime

Happy Friday ladies!! 

For the past week, Tallahassee has been HOT.  The weather on Monday hit around 92 degrees and it has only cooled down a couple of degrees throughout the week.  So instead of dressing in a tee shirt to work (like I always do), I decided to dress up my black tank with an old blazer I found in my closet.   

The blazer is perfect for this weather since it is 100% Linen, however I had a problem with the wrinkles.  The iron and I had a pretty hard battle but I think I conquered all the wrinkles in the blazer. 

I paired this lightweight blazer with my favorite pair of cropped pants from Loft.  Cropped pants have never been a necessity of mine but ever since I tried the Curvy fit, I have fallen in love with them!     

I found this cute bird necklace from Target yesterday, when I went in for a new planner.. I came out with a new necklace & earrings plus the planner.  But anyways, that is a whole different story.  The earrings & necklace were in a pack together for only $4.99, so if you are in love with this, I would definitely go pick it up!  It's definitely a steal.  

My Outfit:
Blazer: Loft, 1 year ago
Tank: Target
Cropped Pants: Loft
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Necklace: Target 

What is the latest steal that you have found?  Let me know, so I can check it out!  I hope everyone has a lovely Friday!

Lindsey B.

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