Monday, April 16, 2012

Daily Outfit Post: Black and Blue

With this week being the last week of regular classes, my days have been quite crazy.  I had class then work today so I had to throw my hair up and get ready for my day!  Of course, I picked today to do laundry so the only thing I had to wear were dresses.  

I decided on an Ann Taylor dress that I found from Goodwill.  Yes, you read that correctly.. I said Goodwill.  Making trips to Goodwill are an extreme high for me because I never know what I am  going to find!  

Dress: Ann Taylor from Goodwill
Blouse: Loft 
Shoes: Payless Shoes 
Earrings: Forever 21
This is definitely a new look for me but everyone at work approved of it, so I am guessing I did alright for taking a chance!

Have you ever taken a risky chance on an outfit? If so, let me know what it was!

Lindsey B. 

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