Friday, April 13, 2012

Hair - ology

Good morning/afternoon!

For the past 21 years of my life, I have never been a hair person.  I only know how to use a hairdryer and a straighter.  I have made some bad hair mistakes (see perm, super short cut, & dyed my hair BLACK) plus many more horrendous hair styles.

However, since the invention of the hair wand, I have been using it a lot more.  The wand I purchased is from Target, and can be found at this link.  It has to be the easiest thing to use!  I am also a big fan of The Beauty Department, created by Lauren Conrad & her friends.  This website is very helpful for ladies who aren't as good with their hair, makeup, and nails, which includes me!

This video helped me this morning while I fixed my hair and I greatly recommend it!

Here is the outcome of my hair:

Later on tonight, I will post the details to my outfit

Does anyone have any hair tutorials they want to share or any special tricks of the trade to help this lady who needs help, like favorite products?

Lindsey B.

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