Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Day!

Guess what ladies..

It's Opening Day for the Atlanta Braves!

As a three month old girl, my parents took me there for my first vacation! Ever since then, I have loved going to sporting events, especially baseball games.  Singing take my out to the ball park, hearing the cracks of the baseball bats, & seeing cute guys in baseball pants; what more can you ask for?!

Dressing for baseball games are simple: You need the color scheme for the baseball team you are going to visit.  Then I would check the weather to see how that is going to factor into the game.  

For Braves game, I would suggest wearing a pair of denim shorts, a dressy top, sandals, & cute jewelry.  Games usually get hot from sitting out in the sun so you don't want to get to dressed up to only feel miserable.  For a Braves game, I would suggest a white top with denim jean shorts.  I would also bring a red or navy colored light weight cardigan and then a pair of red wedges or sandals!  

If you are more of a t-shirt girl to baseball games then try a Braves T-shirt then pair them with a white shorts.  I would also bring some top of cardigan just in case of the weather.  

Here are a few pictures of me at past Braves Baseball Games!

One of my best friends, Mary-Hannah, is an extremely large Atlanta Braves fan! She once was able to tell you every player, their position, & batting average.  When we went to Atlanta, we went to two games, for the first one I wore gray shorts & a Braves T-Shirt.  Then for our second game, I want to dress up.  I decided on a denim dress that is comfortable!  They were both paired with my favorite pair of tan sandals from Bakers!

Play Ball!!! Don't forget to tune into the Braves game at 7:35 tonight when they take on the Milwaukee Brewers!


Lindsey B. 


  1. love going to baseball games. Not a fan of it on t.v. but live is another story. Plus I just love ball park food! YUM!!!

  2. super cute blog! I go to school out of state but am originally from Georgia--Bravos fan for life <3 Thanks for following my blog!

    xo Sarah