Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inside & Outside my closet.

Since this blog is all about fashion, outfit posts, & everything in between, I decided to give you a view inside my closet! 

This is the view of my closet.  All of my clothes are color coordinated.  However, I need to organize them by season! I have a lot of long - sleeve shirts mixed in with my spring attire!

This is where I usually keep my sweaters.  I don't like to hang my sweaters because it stretches them out.  I purchased this piece of furniture from Target and it is perfect to put sweaters on, keep my DVDs organized, and other storage bins.  

On the back of my closet door, I have my scarves, belts, & necklaces.  I have had this back of the door fixture since I moved to college and it has yet to disappoint! Since I am in a rush most of the time, throwing my scarves and belts on this fixture keeps must of my accessories organized and looking neat!

Now that you have seen the inside of my closet, let me see how you organize your closet! Send me your link to your blog and I will definitely give it a view!

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Lindsey B.

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