Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Duvet Cover Problems

Since I will be graduating in the fall, I am moving out of the college apartment style living and moving into a big girl house with an old friend.  With this being said, I am looking for new duvet covers for my new room.  I want my room to feel like an escape from the world.  I want it to feel comfortable, look elegant, and be clean.  I am not sure I can manage to incorporate all three of these goals but I am going to try! 

Here are my choices so far! Which one do ya'll like best?

I am a fan of the color yellow in a bedroom because it makes your bedroom look clean and neat.  When I lived with my parents, I had a red toile duvet cover and I loved it.  If I choose this duvet cover, I would accessorize my room in dark shades of red and a camel color.  

With this blue duvet cover, I would accessorize with red and white. 

Now, who wouldn't want this fun loving duvet cover in their room.  All of these colors remind me of spring/summer time.  If I choose this duvet cover, I would let the focus be the cover and do simple accessories, like neutral colors, around my room.  

This duvet cover might be favorite.  I am a fan of stripes and the color green.  If I choose this duvet cover, I would accessorize with pinks and whites.  My one concern if I choose this one is it might look too much of a little girls room?  

So ladies, what do ya'll think?  Which one should I choose to be my first big girl duvet cover for my new house?

Lindsey B. 

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