Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day being on Sunday, I wanted to share with my readers how special my mom has been in my life.  

She is the type of lady that has been my best friend since day 1.  This should be obvious since we use to wear matching outfits to school.    

She might be the best looking woman in her early 40's.  I cross my fingers that I end up looking like her!  My sense of fashion and style has definitely been molded by her.  She has the best sense of style and I am glad that when I go home to visit, I can borrow/steal pieces of jewelry!  
 She might be one of the strongest women I know.  I do recall on this day, she held a massive snake at Wild Adventures, a theme park in a nearby town, and I was so proud of her.  Even today, she has got to be the most independent, loving, generous, strong woman I know. 

The one good thing about shopping for my mom for Mother's Day is she loves clothes just as much as I do, so I like to pick out an outfit for her that she would love!  She ends  up loving it and then sometimes if I am lucky, I get to borrow it :) 

Thanks Momma for everything that you do for me and Brooke!  We appreciate it a lot and I am glad that we were blessed with you as our Mom! 

Love you!!

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  1. lovely photos! xx