Thursday, May 17, 2012

stripes & pearls

Hey ladies!

Since yesterday was my only day off, I decided to lay around my house in my pjs all day! Towards the end of my lazy afternoon, I had to get ready and go look around town for new houses with my new roommate!  We found a couple of good houses during our adventure around town and then we ended the night with Red Elephant, which is an awesome restaurant in Tallahassee.  They have the best Bar-b-Que Chicken Pizza!

This is my outfit that I wore while we were trying to decide on new houses!  I thought about being lazy & just wearing this tank top with a pair of jeans but I talked myself out of it.  I threw on these olive green pants from Gap and my all time favorite jean jacket.  I figured this was a tad bit dresser than my plain 'ol jeans. 

My Outfit:
Jean Jacket: Gap Outlet
Tank Top: Gap Outlet
Broken In Straights: Gap
Shoes: Payless Shoes

When you are feeling like having a lazy day, what makes you get out of that mood?

Lindsey B. 


  1. Is that Jean Jacket mint? I am loving it! Great outfit :)


  2. Oh soooo cute! This whole "denim with stripes" thing thats really in right now, you're totally kickin' it!

    Follow me, I'll follow you?

  3. Cute! I have a pair of olive green pants too and I've started treating them like jeans and wearing them with every color top... love them! :)

  4. Love your blog! Hope you will visit mine and let me know if you want to follow each other!

  5. Came across your blog and I love it! This outfit is adorable! Would love to follow each other on here and on bloglovin!

  6. LOVE this outfit!! You can never go wrong with pearls and stripes! :)