Sunday, May 13, 2012

weekend shown in instagram pictures

Since I am back in Tallahassee after an exciting, fun weekend at home, I am going to give you a fast update with my instagram pictures!

The weekend turned out fabulous!  I got to see my family, eat lots of great food, help my sister get ready for prom, & do some shopping with my Momma! I also got some good napping time in which is always a plus!

a mother's day celebration

my food from the weekend.  I seriously gained 5 lbs from going home.

outfit attire from sunday.

this would only happen in my small town, seeing a tractor on a main highway.

my sister in her prom attire: sparkly dress & chuck taylors.

Doesn't my sister rock her prom dress?! I loved it too pieces.  My weekend was fantastic and I hope everyone else's turned out awesome!! 

Lindsey B. 


  1. Moving to Small town Wisconsin I've definitely gotten used to seeing tractors in the road! I love your sisters prom attire, so unique but pretty too!

    1. Since I moved to Tallahassee, I forgot about tractors on the main road and it made me laugh a little seeing it!! She had heels to wear also but this picture has got to be my favorite!