Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Trends: Bright Day Dresses

Spring 2012 is filled of different fashion trends for all the ladies to follow!

My favorite trend that I plan on embracing is the Bright Day Dresses.  A Wrap, Shift, Strapless, Sheath, A-Line, Empire, & Shirtdress all cater to each different type of lady.  Accessories for bright dresses are a breeze.  They should be paired with nude high heels or even flats.  Then let a simple necklace lay on top of your colorful dress.  Since spring is full of wild colors so why not your closet be also?

Curvy Ladies
For curvier ladies, I would look for a Wrap or Sheath dress.  These dresses will show off that waistline of yours.  

Short Ladies
For shorter ladies, the Shirtdress or Empire style dress will be your saving grace.  You will want these dresses because they will fit your petite figure perfectly.

Boyish Ladies
The dresses that will fit you will be the Shirtdress or Wrap Dress since they add curves.  You should invest in a belt for these dresses!

Full/Small Bust Ladies
The ladies who were blessed with a full bust, you should dresses that have open necklines and nipped-in waists.  These dresses are going to be Shirtdresses and Wrap style dress.  And if you were blessed not as much (smaller bust), you should try the A-line or Shift style dress.  These styles show off your trim silhouette.  

Tummy Problem Ladies
If you have troubles with your tummy area, look for dresses that do not accent the waistline and look for monochromatic dresses.  The dresses that are going to help you the most are Shift and Empire style dresses.

My top 3 Bright Day Dresses
1. H & M $29.95 - This dress is perfect for short or boyish figure ladies!

2.  Zara $79.90 - This dress will fit short figure ladies & those with a small bust!

3. J. Crew $79.50 - Curvy figured ladies have found their match with this dress!
The great thing about all 3 of these dresses is putting your entire outfit together will be a breeze.  Just pair them with nude heels or flats.  Then belt them with a fun printed belt to show off your waistline.

Now off you go to find the perfect Bright Day Dress!

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