Monday, May 14, 2012

Casual Saturday Attire

Hey ladies!! 

One more post from this weekend! It is a short one, I promise.  But I wanted to show off my little sister & her prom date!

Since I was helping out with my sister getting ready for prom, I threw on something comfy & casual.  I think those two words could be used to describe everything I wear.  However, I dressed up the outfit a tad by adding this chunky neutral necklace.  

My Outfit:
Chambray Shirt: Gap
Tshirt: Target $8, It was definitely a steal!
Cropped Pants: Loft
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace/Bracelet: Borrowed from my Momma
Sunglasses: Loft

This is my little sister & her prom date, don't they look fabulous!   

Even though we are sisters, we are totally different in the way we style ourselves.  But that is the good thing about fashion, everyone has a different view on it!

If you have a little or older sister, are your fashion styles the same or different?

Lindsey B. 

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  1. Your sister looks amazing! My older sister is totally different from my style!